Quad Cities Rental
Properties Association


Who We Are!

The Quad Cities Rental Property Association, Inc. (QCRPA), is a group of professionals affiliated with residential and commercial rental property within the Quad Cities. Although the basic composition is intended to be property owners and managers, other professionals such as lawyers, accountants, contractors, and vendors may also be associate members of QCRPA. The association is non-profit.

The purpose of the QCRPA is to advance the general welfare of the rental property industry by interchanging information, promoting enactment and enforcement of laws, disseminating information, educating the membership, and encouraging the practice of sound business ethics in the area of rental property.

Officer of the QCRPA Board

  • President - Ron Gruenhagen,
  • Vice President - Shannon Lough
  • Secretary Pro Tem - Jeremy Richard
  • Treasurer - Eric Young

Directors of the QCRPA Board

  • Membership - Shannon Lough
  • Newsletter - Dave Skinner
  • IA Programs
  • IA Housing - Jeremy Richard
  • IL Housing
Officers are elected for one year terms while the Board of Directors are elected for two year terms.


Quad Cities Rental Property Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 517, Bettendorf, IA 52722